Sourish Chatterjee


Sourish started his music journey two decades ago. Over these years he has learned from some of the great maestros of the art form of North Indian (Hindustani) classical vocal music. In 2007 Sourish was awarded the prestigious Senior National Scholarship in the field of Hindustani classical music from the Ministry of Culture (Government of India).

Sourish has special interest in teaching as he believes that it promotes self learning and also gives rich insights into the nuances of vocal music because of the uniqueness of each person’s voice and style of singing. He is convinced that in Indian music or any other arts form, it's best to remain a student because the possibilities of growth and learning are endless, so he also continues his own learning under the guidance of Pandit Ritesh Mishra, a frontline vocalist from India who also hails from the family of legendary Benaras Gharana.

Sourish primarily focuses on teaching hindustani classical and semi-classical vocal music which includes voice training. He is excited and looking forward to sharing his knowledge and skills to the aspiring students of the greater Seattle area !